A Well-Written Day, a post about self-discipline

“A life without discipline is a life without joy.” Anonymous

“A life without discipline is a life without joy.” Anonymous

My well-written day?

I’m up and showered by 6 a.m. I write for a couple of hours before going to Zumba, a Latin dancing class, then I take a brisk walk on the beach. Back home by 10, I eat a cup of yogurt while at my keyboard. I write until noon.

I eat salad for lunch, then take a walk around the block before returning to work.

As for afternoon…

No, not tea or a nap, but articles and chapters. Write, then chores (good prioritizing), and dinner at a local restaurant. My husband and I spend the evening puttering through neighborhoods on our golf cart. I’m in bed early and reading a good book.

My truthfully written day?

I’m up and showered by 7:50, just in time to arrive at Zumba five minutes late. Afterwards, I spend an hour or two surfing Facebook and the Web, answering e-mails, and planning a get-together with friends.

I started this post, but Facebook dinged. Before I knew it, it was time for dinner.

In between, I ate sour cream and onion chips with a hot dog. Watered plants, folded laundry, and vacuumed. I thought about writing, but instead I swept the porch. My husband and I ate at a nearby restaurant so we could take the golf cart. If it wasn’t illegal to ride after dark, I’d probably still be out there.

I wrote until 1 in the morning.

Just a few hours later and too little sleep, it was morning again …

I’m skipping Zumba. I opened a daily devotion delivered to my inbox. It began with this quote, “A life without discipline is a life without joy.”

I mulled over a solution for my strewn habits of exercise, eating and writing. I took a walk and found two pennies lying on the ground. For me, finding money is a longstanding sign from God that I’m right where I’m supposed to be – painfully aware of my messy days and my lack of self-discipline.

Now, what am I going to do about it? 

What does a well-written day look like in your life? Do you need to practice more self-discipline to make it happen?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Dear God, left to my own devices, I’d choose the easiest path to well-written days. Instead, you’re showing me what’s best: nearby places to exercise, healthy foods, and writing deadlines. Well-written days include discipline.


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  1. As I read the first paragraph, I was in awe of your well-organized, self-disciplined day, Kim. Felt so much better after reading the rest! :o)

    For me, a well-written day starts with being up and showered early, which is no problem during the school year, but tougher in the summer when my teenagers are home. I wish I could say that I write BEFORE checking e-mail and FB, but that’s not true. Perhaps that should be my goal for a well-written day.

    Great post!

  2. Thank you both for your comments.

    Beth, I was tempted to lie and not add the second paragraph but I have friends reading the posts – they know better. Good luck to us both as we try to put writing first.

    And Lyn, you made my night.

    • Did you really read the post, Jenine? And you’re asking me how to break the cycle? That’s too funny. I don’t have any answers, but I love you for thinking I might. I feel great the days I beat procrastination and frustrated to pieces the days I don’t. I try to remember that and choose feeling great, but I often have memory loss. I don’t know if this helps, but we’re in this procrastination predicament together. 🙂

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