God + Dog = Cats too?

The lump in the bed? Gator hiding from the ladies who were cleaning house.

The lump in the bed? Gator hiding from the ladies who were cleaning house.

We’re dog people.

Our daughter and her fiancé have two lab mixes, Tanner and Savannah. My husband’s brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews all own dogs. For the first time in 33 years, we don’t have one underfoot, but we’re looking for a Daisy dog.

So it’s hard to explain how we felt when there were murmurings our son was dating a girl who was owned by a cat. Let’s just say our reputation as dog people was obvious enough that Becky asked our son not to tell us about her cat.

“Let’s wait until they get to know me better. Until they like me, then we can tell them,” she said.

But since our family doesn’t keep secrets well, the cat was out of the bag in no time. I have to admit, I wasn’t convinced about the relationship (with the cat, that is) – I mean, really, why would a dog person even consider crossing that line?

I told my husband I thought our son’s infatuation was totally with Becky, not Bug, and that he’d come to his senses.

That was until the night I received cat photos, then emails from the cat. I had a conversation with Bug similar to ones I’ve had with our daughter’s dogs. When Becky rescued another cat, Gator makes two and it meant more cat pictures.

Before I knew it, I was buying cat toys. I added the cats to my website. wrote this post, even said out loud “I have grandcats.”

Then came the video of their fetching cat. I had to admit, out of character as it is for our son to post anything on YouTube, the cats were bringing out his humorous side, his lively side, his loving side.

“Whew, they’re gone!”

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – I’m convinced dogs were intentionally, and for good reason, named after God. However, he also created cats (and mosquitoes, but wait, that’s not the point). I guess what I’m trying to say is God uses all his creatures for good. Somehow, in his purrrfect plan, Bug and Gator are bringing out the best in our son, bringing out the best in all of us.


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  1. What a cute post! Our family was always partial to dogs, but when Sherry got her first apartment she wasn’t allowed to have a dog, only a cat. So we now have two grand-dogs and one grand-cat! It’s amazing how quickly we got attached to the dogs and the cat. Pets are fun regardless – enjoy!

    • Isn’t it funny that one has dogs, the other cats? I’m a little afraid of cats but since Bug is a lot of afraid of everyone, it works for both of us. And Gator is trying his best to work with me – but honestly, he’d just rather I get over it and PLAY!

  2. [Taken from Becky’s email I received Jan 6th @ 6:28]

    They cannot believe they have made the blog once again…
    They called me from home to tell me that they got their update.


  3. I loved reading your post and how you’ve come to love cats via your son and his fiance ! Amazing isn’t it, how each of God’s creatures have their own endearing qualities and charms ! Praying God will bring the perfect pup back into your lives, ‘IN HIS TIME’

    • Thanks for stopping by and reading, Sheri. It is amazing – we never thought we’d get attached to cats but now we look forward to hearing all about them. I think Daisy (we’ve got her name picked out) is on her way.

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