Inside Job (are you talking about happiness?)

“Happiness is an inside job” William Arthur Ward, Artwork used by permission from Cindy DeLuz

“Happiness is an inside job”
William Arthur Ward (Artwork by Cindy DeLuz)

“I wish your parents visited more often. I like how you keep the house when they’re around,” said our daughter’s fiancé.

When she told me about their conversation, she said, “I wish that also. It’s because I’m trying to impress you. I’m trying to convince you I’m grown up.”

We thought she lived an orderly life all the time. Instead, when we weren’t around, she reverted back to ways she didn’t like.

I wanted to help, but believing in ourselves and becoming who we want to be is always an inside job.

Even when we fool others, we eventually have to face our choices. Since that conversation, I’ve watched our daughter keep a clean house because she wants to.

The same goes for most of life.

I write for an editor who likes much of what I submit and usually prints it as-is. For a while, I convinced myself that was the mark of a successful freelance writer – an editor with distinguished credits who valued my work. But the first time she didn’t like an article, I felt shaken. She was right – the story needed a rewrite.

The bigger lesson, though, came when I rethought who and what was driving my career.

Why do you do what you do? Are you driven by others or is your happiness an inside job?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Other’s opinions can enlighten and help us along our journey. The truth is, however, our talents and our lives are fully realized when we believe in ourselves whether anyone else does or not. An inside job.

On the side: For more artwork, check out An Artsy Chick by Cindy DeLuz.


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  1. Kim,
    I love this post – you nailed it! An inside job working on ourselves is always the hardest to accomplish.

    • Thanks, Agnes … I wish I could have written about the EASY job of working on ourselves. I really miss your posts and hope you’re back online soon. When you are, I’m sure you’ll have many inspirational insights to share. Take good care!

  2. Tell Kelly I step up the cleaning too when you come around. Not that I don’t clean like a crazy person any other time, but I make sure when you are coming to town!

    • I do the same thing when y’all are coming – it gives me a good reason to clean. I’m just not as obsessive about it as I used to be. Don’t dare say, “Yeah, I can tell.” : )

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