Try, Try and Try Again, Then Try Persistence


“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” The Little Engine That Could

“Don’t ever get tired of trying to do the right thing.”

The quote is from a preview of Tyler Perry’s movie Meet the Browns. Music by The Five Stairsteps plays in the background.

The singers sing about things getting easier and brighter.

I’m singing along, believing every word.

In fact, mid-bellow, things already feel easier. My day is brighter. I’m getting things done.

That is, until life happens.

Next thing I know, I can’t recall the quote.

The tune fades.

I grow weary of trying.

That’s when I feel more like being half-hearted about work than doing my part. More like slacking off on a relationship than putting in the effort. More like getting even with someone than letting it go.

What then? What gets you back on track?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Often the solution is as simple as eating healthy and taking a nap (sleep calms the grump in me). Other times, weighing the consequences solves it. Sometimes the circumstance calls for blogging. When I write it down, doing the right thing seems easier and brings back the melody.



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    Louise Dash Allison said thanks for sharing!
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    Kim Henson Thanks for stopping by to read. I hope the snow is melting quickly!
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    Bonnie Leamon Ingalls True, true, and true.
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    Kim Henson ‎: ) See you this afternoon.
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