Spending Well, how we spend tells how we live


“If you want to know a man’s priorities, look at his checkbook.”

I’m hooked on nutrition drinks.

I drink at least one daily. As a result, I feel healthier and more energetic. Best of all for my diet, I don’t crave chocolate.

All good, except buying the drink spotlighted one of my annoying habits.

I calculated over time the $5 cost of a four-pack of drinks. That’s a $1.25 a drink. I can easily drink one or two a day. That’s more than $15 a week, $60 a month, hundreds in a year.

Keeping our budget in mind, I’ve been shopping around for the best deal, even at stores I prefer not to shop.

Bargain hunting is good, right?

But if it’s about saving money, why will I pick up a candy bar at the register and add it to the grocery bill without a thought? And order a slice of chocolate mousse cake without asking the price? And suggest a chocolate malt three nights in a row at our favorite ice cream shop?

Notice an unhealthy pattern here?

Now that I think about it, I do the same with exercise. I scrimp on the price for a month’s worth of fitness, then eat fast food a couple of times for that same amount.

Are your priorities straight when it comes to spending?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Sometimes it is silly things that sober us up to how we’re prioritizing life. Since I want to live well, spending well is a succulent, I mean, sensible place to begin.


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    • I don’t think I ever signed up, Sheri. Or I tried and it wouldn’t let me. I remember something like that from a while back. If you get a chance, send the addresses. Thanks!

  1. You post this the day that Rusty and I are going to get my new car! Now I am having remorse! =) Only kidding. I am the one who loves grabbing a Snickers in the checkout line! Happy Day!

    • What are you buying? No regrets there … the one you have was costing way too much $$$. I know all about your Snickers habit – I still have half of it in the freezer. I love them frozen. Well, used to that is. : )

  2. Joel Carter wrote: Are you psychic or what? I think we all can relate to that.Both me and my wife fit that profile too.
    8 hours ago · Like

    Kim Henson wrote: Probably more like ‘in need of psychiatry.’ : ) It’s always comforting to know others can relate. Thanks for reading and sharing.
    7 hours ago · Like

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