Begin By Moving the G … a time for being and a time to begin


“There is a time for being and a time to begin.” S. Kim Henson

“If you’re trying hard and not making any progress, quit trying. Quit trying and start being,” said Linda, our Pilates instructor, reading from a meditation by Ralph Marston.

Two weeks earlier she read one about doing.

“Start now what you hope to accomplish and take small steps in that direction.”

Both meditations resonated.

And both left me wondering, do I sit still or do I start?

Or is there a way to rearrange my responsibilities, just like reordering the letters of the two words, so I have time for both … a time for being and a time to begin.

Which describes what you need most right now, to begin or to be?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be –I am responsible for the effort so I begin. God is responsible for the outcome so I can be.


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    • You mean Oethe? Or Oetheg? Okay, getting silly here! I love “Be In It Now,” like one day at a time. So many meaningful word plays. Thanks, Joel, for adding lots to today’s post.

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