Coffee Shop Moments, staying open to possibilities


“The most beautiful things cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart.” Helen Keller

My husband John and I ran to the overhang, holding the same umbrella. Both of us wet from our knees down when we got inside, I pulled off my shoes and sat cross-legged on the overstuffed corduroy sofa.

Our son Rusty met us there and asked if his sister was coming.

We were settled at a local coffee shop that smelled of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and coffee brewing behind the counter.

Fifteen minutes passed before Kelly’s broken umbrella caught the doorframe while she pulled at the sleeve of her raincoat to take it off.

She volunteered to take pictures for Rusty’s lawn care website, the one he was making plans for while he drank a mug of hot chocolate. His dad and I said she had to include a photo of him balancing a rake upside down in the palm of his hand, like when he was kid and avoiding work.

All the while, water splashed off the windows.

“I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but I’m tempted to join in. I’ve never heard so much laughter,” said a woman walking toward the door.

Until she spoke, our conversation was surreal.

Kelly headed to work. Rusty had plans with friends. Goodbyes left John and me reflecting on the afternoon, the one I initially thought was ruined by the downpour.

In the place of my plans, our family talked for hours in a cozy coffee shop on a rainy afternoon. Perhaps Kelly put it best, “Time just stood still, didn’t it?”

I’d love to hear about your coffee shop moment.

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – That magical day taught me to show up, even sopping wet, and stay open to possibilities.


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  1. Kim, beautiful thoughts! A day brings lots of surprises and we take unexpected turns. Sounds like even though it rained on your “parade,” you had fun. Have a good day!

    • It happened several years ago and I submitted the story as a devotion, inspirational reading, etc – finally decided to revise it for my blog. It’s great to have it published. The day is still such a special memory. I love having you as a friend and reader.

  2. Some of the best times are with people you love, in the most ordinary of circumstances and “weird” too. You continue to capture the essence and feeling of these with words and illustrations.

    • I could sit all day and look at the rainy window on this post. And you continue to encourage others with your comments and writings/sharings on your site. Thanks, as always.

  3. I love this, so sweet and what a special day that was. I love the quote at the end. Show up, even sopping wet, stay open to possibilites. Thats a good way to live.

      • A very special day coming up indeed! I know the wedding will be perfect, beautiful, and a special memory always in your heart! Best wishes Kelly!~

  4. From Facebook:

    Mo Russo, Joel Carter and Linda Saelg Calvanico like this.

    Joel Carter says: Seems the best moments of life are those shared with those we love and who love. It doesn’t matter the place or circumstances necessarily, as long as you connect with loved ones. Best memories often come from such events. You have again expressed the magic of one of those moments in illustrations and expression. Thank you.
    September 27 at 11:00am · Unlike · 1 person

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