Indelibly Melded, the strength of our flag


“The American flag is the most recognized symbol of freedom and democracy in the world.”
Virginia Foxx

The shadows of our neighbor’s American flag flapped against the dark sky. 

In that moment, I watched from our kitchen window the colors that shown as a symbol of all our country’s been through this decade.

Indelibly melded is today’s November 11th holiday and tragedies like September 11th.

Today’s post is a tribute to our military for their influence before and since the terrorist attacks, and in remembrance during this 10th anniversary year.

Hero. Pressed uniform. U.S. Air Force. Memories. World Trade Center. Sacrifice. Fighting. War. Pride. Stars and stripes. Character. In God We Trust. Prayer. Guns. The Star Spangled Banner. Love. Freedom. Planes. Terror. Red, white and blue. U.S. Army. Flag-draped casket. Pain.

National Anthem. U.S. Navy. Funerals. Phone calls. Left behind. Bravery. Purple Heart. Officer. Protect. Salute. Taps. World Trade Center. Polished shoes. Military base. United We Stand. Never forget. United States of America. Tears. Monument. Washington, D.C. Family. Law and order. Peace.

Hope. U.S. Marine Corps. Half mast. Arlington National Cemetery. Chaos. Oh, say can you see. Homeland security. Integrity. Honor. Defending our country. Loyalty. Soldier. God bless America.

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – God bless our service men and women, ones like our children’s grandfathers.


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