I Want to Be a Ghostwriter


“Does God have a sense of humor or what?” S. Kim Henson (Photo from iStock)

I got this notion I wanted to add ghostwriter, alongside freelance writer, to my writer’s CV.

I liked the idea of writing in someone else’s voice even though I haven’t mastered my own. That sounded really funny to me, but still, I wanted to try my hand at the job.

Breaking into the market seemed impossible when the only ghostwriters I knew were well-known and likely too busy to hold my hand.

That didn’t stop me from adding “I want to be a ghostwriter” to my prayer list, my bucket list, my vision book, and my notebook of professional goals.

After that, I went about planning our daughter’s October 22nd wedding.

A little over a week after the festivities wound down, I received an email while I was in the middle of posting hundreds of wedding photos on Facebook. The message was from a writer/presenter who mentored me for a couple of months after we met at a writers conference in 2009.

Here it was two years later and she just happened to be overloaded with work.

She asked if I could help by ghostwriting for one of her internationally-known clients.

“Why, yes. I certainly can,” I said.

Snoopy dance. Call my husband who also Snoopy danced. Google the ghostly personality. Walk around giggling and giddy. Email a friend.

The following day, I settled down to write. Referring back to the original email while working on the project, I noticed its date.

The email about ghostwriting was sent October 31, 2011.

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – I officially became a ghostwriter on Halloween. Now it’s your turn. Do you have any tales to tell about spooky timing, odd happenings, or eerie opportunities?

On the side: Believe it or not, it was unintentional that I posted this on Valentine’s Day. Must mean I love being a ghostwriter.


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    • Just to be sure, I checked the date several times before it sank in and I got a good chuckle. I believe the same thing, Joel, that God has a sense of humor. At least, I hope so. I’d sure hate to go through life or eternity without laughter.

    • I have to say, sometimes my life is almost cartoonish. Of course, you know that better than some of my readers. Hehe! However, they are about to get a bit more familiar. My “Random” posts will be shorter, more casual and hopefully most of them will be funny.

  1. Comments from Facebook, and I didn’t realized I posted this Halloween story on Valentine’s Day … what’s that about? Maybe because I love being a ghostwriter? ; )

    Posted on February 14 at 3:08pm –

    Forest Dunes Resort likes this.

    East Coast Air LLC said I love the picture behind your blog
    February 14 at 5:26pm · Unlike · 1

    S. Kim Henson said Thank you. It’s one you can select from WordPress. I just changed it in January. It was time for something different.
    February 14 at 6:46pm · Like

    Linda Saelg Calvanico said I’m so glad you wrote about this…I remember when you told me about the job and that it was funny that you were a ghostwriter on halloween…but most of all I love that it was in your journal, prayer lists, bucket list…etc…as you said….
    See More
    February 15 at 4:04pm · Unlike · 1

    S. Kim Henson said You’re so encouraging. I’ve sure missed you! We’ve got to do something about that. Yeah, pretty funny about becoming a ghostwriter on Halloween. Our messages back and forth about it were even funnier but guess readers don’t need to hear about all that. Lol.
    February 15 at 4:25pm · Like

    S. Kim Henson said I didn’t comment on but meant to, “our right and responsibility to be happy.” Yes, it is. Let’s keep reminding each other. Thanks for being a great friend.
    February 15 at 4:28pm · Like

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