Annoying Words and Phrases

“I’m gonna fix that last joke by taking out all the words and adding new ones.”Mitch Hedberg

“I’m gonna fix that last joke by taking out all the words and adding new ones.”
Mitch Hedberg

Readers shared words and phrases they disliked, were tired of hearing, and downright hated.

Here’s the list.

awesome, hub, hubby, literally *, moist, pedagogy, plethora, preggers, preggo, random, stuff, uh **, whatever

* when used incorrectly
** the non-word

My bad.
I am like …
It is what it is.
I’m fine. It’s fine.
To tell you the truth, …
Can I be honest with you?
I’m a Christian (but actions contradict).
Initials for anything and everything like CEO and EEO and SEO and …

The final word on unpopular words for 2012 is use with caution. Grammar Nazis are everywhere.

Lastly, I’m like really happy you stopped by. To tell you the truth, there’s nothing I’d appreciate more than for you to be honest with me. Leave an awesome comment, maybe about a word you don’t like and stuff.

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – I nitpick words. My husband used to say, “It’s just semantics.” He now says it matters. I knew he’d come around.

Disclaimer: S. Kim Henson and Well-Written Days are not responsible for unfriending that may occur if you keep up this vocabulary.


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  1. Liked your blog. You could start a trend like the comedian George Carlin with words. I’ve heard that you can often analyze a personality with such a little thing as choice of words or phrases. Very interesting.

  2. Thanks, Joel. Wonder what “incremental” says about me since it’s my word for 2012? I love being analyzed. Seriously, I do. I’m a psych major from way back and used to sign up for the experiments on campus. I think it’s interesting to get to know ourselves better (well, I think that most of the time). I just quoted George Carlin in a blog post I wrote for another’s website. : ) I appreciate you stopping by!

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