You Lie (okay, okay. so do i.)


“It’s not denial. I’m just selective about the reality I accept.” Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes

Warning. Denial ahead.

Our daughter licks cookie dough from the beaters and eats cake icing by the spoonful. She spreads Nutella on her waffle for breakfast unless she is eating icing-drenched cinnamon rolls from McDonalds.

When we went to dinner recently, she ordered her own dessert even though her husband suggested they share.

None of this evidence stops her from declaring, “I don’t really like sweets.”

We laugh about her denial, but it reminds me of the lies I tell myself. The ones that make me feel better … sort of.

Like the one about going to bed earlier. Earlier than who? The third shift?

And the one about eating less chocolate, except when I’m supporting Girl Scouts, buying chocolate bunnies on sale, and baking brownies for snack.

There is also the book proposal I started, but not really, unless I count typing a title and my name. Oh, and the page numbers.

Denial can be a dream killer.

Little white lies seem harmless until we recognize we can’t be trusted, and we’re disappointed when we let ourselves down – again. In fact, it can be deadly. The American Heart Association cites denial as a primary reason for delayed treatment of a heart attack.

What are you denying that would be better faced?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Identifying personal denial, the contradiction between who we are and who we say we are, may save our lives, as well as present us the opportunity to live fully.

On the side: Our daughter Kelly, who calls herself NuKella, gave me permission to share about her sugar denial since she doesn’t believe it anyway.


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    • Made me think more while I was writing it. Thanks for stopping by to comment. We’ve got our big adventure ahead … we may figure out some denial along the way while giving up desserts.

  1. “Denial, I Lie”. I’ve never thought of those as synonymous traits, however they are. We’ve been outed. Sharing those examples along with the comparison to our health and fitness practices, lifestyle and is even more indicting. Therefore we need to accept the reality,

    • Sometimes I hesitate to post because then I have to face whatever it is I’m writing. It’s good for me, though. Thanks for always reading and being supportive.

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