Penny For Your Thoughts … all about trusting we’re right where we’re supposed to be


“It may be a penny from heaven
That an Angel’s tossed to you.”
From Charles Mashburn’s poem, Pennies From Heaven

My thoughts jumped from editing 154 blog posts, which felt like the right answer, to the more glamorous and profitable ideas of pitching articles to a national magazine and signing a book deal.

I argued over the next step in my writing career while I vacuumed. Distracted, I nearly sucked up a penny from our dining room floor.

Finding money at the very moment I was thinking about blog posts let me know, small goal or not, I was right where I was supposed to be.

I say that same thing every time I pick up money. In fact, that’s the origin of my blog’s closing “Write where I’m supposed to be.”

My habit of looking for change began before our kids were born, and unintentionally turned into a family ritual once they were old enough to play along. When they argued about where to eat dinner or what activity to plan for the evening, we’d finally make a decision and implement it, and I’d find money. Not every time, but it happened often enough I started paying attention and so did they.

Silly as it sounds, finding money calmed disagreements. 

“See, we’re right where we’re supposed to be,” I’d say.

Finding money also helped with discipline.

I walked daily, sometimes to deliberate over a problem like the kids’ undone homework or one of them talking back. A possible solution would come to mind and, next thing I knew, I’d find a penny on the ground.

I figured God was letting me know to trust him, as well as to trust my own decisions. I mean, there can’t be that many people dropping money. They are pennies from heaven, for sure.  

Maybe you have a sign that let’s you know you are right where you’re supposed to be? I’d love to hear from you.

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – When in doubt, look around. Sometimes the answer is right under your nose, which means I’ll be editing 154 blog posts. 

On the side: Here’s a picture of our found money jar that gets fed almost daily. My husband reminded me that some 34 years ago, he and I rode around for hours to check paper machines and pay phones. To this day, I can’t pass a money slot without sticking in my finger, unless someone’s looking. Then I try to be discreet and just glance.


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    • Thanks so much for your comment, Charles. Loved sharing your penny poem. It meant a lot to me. I hope readers check out your poem about shining, as well as the rest of your site. It’s a good one!

  1. The more I find out about you, Kim, the more I like you.
    And now I know the origins of WRite wHere I’m supposed to be — and more of your story.
    Love it.

    • Beth, I’m so happy we’re connected. I feel the same about you. As always, thanks for stopping by. Oh, and thanks for the post on my page. I glanced, but I’m going over now to really check it out and count my riches.

  2. Your stories are so inspiring. I dearly love your fresh, honest and forthright approach to writing, “write where you’ re supposed to be”. We are blessed to be able to read, learn about and share how your experiences influenced your choices to listen and recognize the calling of the still small voice. Wow!

  3. I too, have been picking up money forever. In fact, when I stop at a red light, I check to see if there might be a coin or 2 in the “trashy” section between lanes! And yes, I have been known to ask traffic to stop while I get out and pick up a penny. My kids think I am nuts. These days a penny on the ground tells me someone in heaven is thinking of me – and it brings me comfort and reminds that God is preparing a place for me and I will be reunited with friends and family one day! Like I said, my kids think I am nuts!

    • Oh, funny, Peggy! We do that also, check out the trashy section on the road. In that special spot, John and i have found a wrench, a camera, a wallet (which we returned), a camouflaged walkie talkie, along with money here and there. I’m always on the lookout near cash registers. I’ve been known to dive between legs to pick up a penny, although I do try to be discreet. And don’t even ask what my kids think about me … I don’t want to know. : )

      I love the message that someone in heaven is thinking of you. I’m sure of it. xoxo

  4. From Facebook …

    Sunny Rowe said I loved it! We have what we call “one penny” or “three penny” days… and my grandson has picked up on it. Over time the cache grows and grows – and I say a prayer every time I find a coin on the ground! Imagine the Whoop! when it is a dime or a quarter!! Thanks Kim – I enjoyed it so much♥
    13 minutes ago · Like

    Kim Henson said Sunny, finding money is one of my favorite things to do! Imagine the couple of times it’s been a dollar bill. BIG whoop! Thanks for your fun comment.

    • From Facebook …

      4 people like this.

      Carol Anne Wright said Swett sigh….did you right this for me?
      August 15 at 10:43am · Unlike · 1

      S. Kim Henson said I did, Carol Anne! Did it help? : )
      August 15 at 1:14pm · Like

      Carol Anne Wright Swett said sigh…I’m incorrigible. But loveable. 🙂
      August 15 at 3:42pm · Like

      S. Kim Henson said Oh, me too, Carol Anne. Maybe I need to write a post about that.
      August 15 at 3:51pm · Like · 1

      Linda Saelg Calvanico said I just keep thinking of the penny floor when I read this…sorry I know that’s not the point…but I’m sure there’s a connection somewhere…
      August 18 at 11:01pm · Unlike · 1

      Sylvia Jones said The problem is we are always worried about what other people think. We just have to do what feels right in our hearts and bypass all of life’s drama-though easier said than done!
      August 19 at 12:38am · Unlike · 2

      S. Kim Henson said ‎Linda Saelg Calvanico, the penny floor was amazing. It made me think of it also.
      August 20 at 2:25pm · Like

      S. Kim Henson said ‎Sylvia Jones, so true on both accounts. I desperately want to live by what I believe is right for me and not what other’s think, but like you said, it’s not easy. I’d love to travel as much as my head does!
      August 20 at 2:27pm · Like

  5. You are very insightful. I enjoyed reading this. You know the sandollar I recently found? That was the day my dear Aunt June was buried in TN. I hated not being there, but for physical and other reasons, could not attend. I have searched for 9 1/2 years for a perfect sandollar and there it was on this day. I later thought of how it connected to my Aunt June and my cousin (her daughter) Buffy. Buffy told me that even though she was heartbroken and she wanted her mother here with her, she was at peace knowing she spent so much time with her and she was in Heaven, no longer in pain and suffering. I wondered about the connection of finding that beautiful sandollar; it’s the doves of peace inside of it. Those beautiful and mysterious doves of peace inside of the sandollar, and inside of us as children of God.

  6. Loved your blog today! Remember a couple of years ago, Joyce Meyer wrote her first novel, The Penny. A little girl in her story bends down to scoop up a penny off the road, becomes distracted in the process, then meets someone who ultimately leaves an indelible impression on her life. All because of a penny. For me, it’s a banana peel. But, that’s another story…

    • Beth, you are a riot! I laughed and laughed about your banana peel. You’ve got to get your funny stories out there for the world to read!

      I didn’t know Joyce Meyer’s had a book called The Penny. I’ll have to check it out, although I’d rather read one called The Banana Peel. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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