The Answer Was Write2Ignite (a conference for writers of literature for children and young adults)

“Never make the blunder of trying to forecast the way God is going to answer your prayer.” Oswald Chambers

“Never make the blunder of trying to forecast the way God is going to answer your prayer.” Oswald Chambers

It was after midnight when I saw the post on my Facebook wall asking if I planned to sign up for Write2Ignite.

The message was from someone I didn’t know asking if I planned to attend a conference I’d never heard of, one for writers of literature for children and young adults.

There was no way my new writer friend, who found me through a mutual writer friend, had any idea how much I needed her invitation.

I wondered often if writing for children was a project to pursue, or if I was interested only because I thought it’d be faster than writing chapter after chapter of an adult book.

Maybe it was a distraction from what I was really meant to do.

Maybe I thought it’d be easy. Funny, I know. Writing children’s books is hard work.

Before I responded, I researched the conference and its 2012 presenters. Included in the lineup were representatives from Focus on the Family, Hartline Literary Agency, and JourneyForth Books. I read workshop titles right up my alley like “Make Your Manuscript Stand Out!” and “The Language of Children’s Picture Books.”

When I saw the conference was being held where my adult children live, just outside Greenville, South Carolina, and I knew I could stay with one of them, I was pretty sure my attendance was meant to be.

I was also pretty sure Write2Ignite was the answer to my prayer “What next?”  

The Write2Ignite Team continued to accept scholarship applications, good news since my husband and I were writing checks for our daughter’s fall wedding. I wasn’t sure I could justify the cost of a writing conference in the midst of wedding expenses. I applied and heard back in less than two weeks.

I was appreciative for confirmation that came in the form of a full scholarship from author Cecil Murphey. 

If only all prayers were answered in the same ways: quick, crystal clear and with delightful results. 

The conference was better than I imagined. The campus where we met was attractive and manicured, meeting rooms were comfortable, and the food was the best I’ve eaten at a conference. Presenters were professional and knowledgeable, as well as friendly and available.

Best of all, I returned home refreshed and with lots of information and ideas.

What’s the best conference you’ve attended and why? You can name a writing conference, one for self-improvement, managing finances, marketing, etc. I’d love to hear and I’m sure readers would also. 

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Thanks for the opportunity, Write2Ignite Team and Cecil Murphey. The conference was right where I was supposed to be.


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  1. My best experience learning as a writer was taking an on-line course called Tribe Writers. The teacher is Jeff Goins, who is honest, down-to-earth and funny. All the information we received through the course is available to us FOR LIFE! Jeff, and the community of friends I have made through this class is amazing!!

    • Sylvia, I thought about you when I was writing the question. I was almost sure your answer would be Jeff’s course. I can’t wait to take it. It’s on my writer to-do list.

      • It all started with reading your blog Kim. Something drew me to his name, blog, and site as you have a few other people listed in that lower right hand column. I also decided to no longer procrastinate. Funny how things work out, and how we touch each others lives in some way.

      • It is amazing, Sylvia. I’m honored. Your haikus are beautiful, as well as your photography. You’re such an encourager for my work. Thank you! Linda and I are lucky to have you in our lives.

    • Kristi, I wouldn’t have a post to write if it weren’t for you! Thanks for being that friend who listened and guided me to right where I was supposed to be. Love you lots!

  2. My best conference – I really like them all – but the best two were my Buddhist retreat in Florida at Florida Nature and Culture Center (FNCC) – I think it was the food – they fly in chefs from all around who volunteer to cook these wonderful meals for us…then again, I made some of the most amazing bonds with people and the things I learned there carried me through life…truly no prayer goes unanswered…

    Second was the Zumba Fitness Instructor Convention – which I’ve attended 2 years in a row…I hesitated on whether or not to attend this year/2013 because of the opening of my studio, but I have so many friends from around the world that I only get to see when I attend this event…so now I’m thinking I’m meant to figure out a way to do it again!

    As always I’m so inspired by your blog!

    • Food can make or break a conference, Linda. At least I think it can. Sounds amazing since they flew in chefs.

      You’ve got to find a way to go again this year. We all need that rah, rah pep talk. I can only imagine what an adrenaline boost the conference would be for your new business.

      I know you’re already high from it all, but the conference will take you through the year. Okay, I’ve got lots of advice. 🙂 I just know how much you love it and I think it’s such a great idea to stay on top.

      Love you for inspiring me. You’re my hero, going for your dream like you have.

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