A Fairy Tale Can Take A Long Time (a blog post about 37 years of marriage) 


I’m reblogging last year’s anniversary post since today is our 38th year together. Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband!
Tomorrow’s regularly scheduled post will be delivered as usual. I hope you’ll visit twice this week.

S. Kim Henson ~ Getting Your Own Life While Loving the People In It

“A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other.” Unknown “A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other.” Unknown

It’s a bit unromantic, I guess, to write about our messy marriage on the same day we eloped 37 years ago, but messy is the only story we’ve got.

We’ve been messy from the beginning. John and I married in Mr. Coyle’s living room the day after the justice of the peace buried his wife. That could have served as a forewarning, but we were in love and blind. We shared our condolences, then our vows. A neighbor came over to act as our witness. We consummated our marriage at Tremont Inn in Columbia, S.C. I like to think it’s one of God’s favors that the motel still stands. We rode through its parking lot several months ago and reminisced.

The day after our wedding, I returned to my parent’s home in Conway…

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Kim Henson is a freelance writer who lives and writes near the beach. She has written hundreds of articles for newspapers, magazines, ezines and websites. Check out her website at www.skimhenson.com.

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  1. Kim and John

    Happy Anniversary to you both

    In looking back on our married life I now realize that the Holy Spirit was the force keeping us together especially through the difficult times. This spirit acted like an elastic bond that would allow us move apart and then bring us back together. Strong but flexible to allow us to weather the storms of life.

    Have you thought of what kept you together when human power was insufficient?


    • Thanks, Bob. We had a special day.

      You’ll probably laugh when you read today’s blog post that i posted just after midnight. I answered your question before you asked it. 🙂

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