A Lot of Faith, part 1 (we’ve been given a lot)


IMG_7944 copy

“Our faith increases when we’re in enough pain, we learn enough, or we’re given enough.” Bishop Chuck Murphy (paraphrased from 20 years ago)

Our lot, the one we closed on today, overlooks a creek, as well as houses, inns, and a church on the oldest part of Pawleys Island (Pawleys for short). We can take a boat from our neighborhood to secluded islands and walk to one of the island’s finest restaurants. The strip of prime property, the one we can see from where we’re building, is in between the marsh and the ocean. Our view is a little sand and a lot of wetland.

There is affluence mixed with old, original architecture that islanders call “shabby.” Sometimes structures get upgraded and sometimes not. No one seems to mind because it’s a given the property is valuable.

Making the island our home has been a hope of my husband’s and mine for more than 20 years. We set up an appointment that many years ago to look at a house for sale in Pawleys. The following day, the owners took it off the market. We did the same with our dream. We figured it was a sign about whether we deserved to live in Pawleys or not.

We didn’t.

Since then, we haven’t thought much about moving unless we’re down that way and riding around. When that happens, one of us mentions the imaginary line in the road, that place that when we drive beyond it, we get quiet and take a deep breath. Past that line, life feels more relaxed and free. Plus, our grandkids are closer, so life is more fun in that direction.

IMG_7953 Not a geographic cure, for sure. Nowhere could fix us. We’ve had to do the hard work right here at home, most of which I’ve blogged about. Even though we know Pawleys isn’t our be all and end all, for us the place is special. It’s symbolic of something we can’t even name yet.

So, when my husband John convinced me a couple of years ago to sign up for a membership at one of the island’s highlights, Brookgreen Gardens, our decision rekindled a longing we’d dismissed – we longed to live in Pawleys.

The same thing happened when I stumbled onto a photo on Facebook of a stunning church on the island that we joined this year – we longed to live in Pawleys.

And then again recently when we made an offer before selling our house and on a lot that wasn’t for sale (a story for another blog post) – a lot with a dock, a view, and a breeze – we longed to live in Pawleys.

We rethought deserving it. Feeling undeserving is a habit, though I don’t think a holy one. Nor a faithful one.

I’m still not convinced I’m worthy. In fact, I’m overwhelmed by the bigness of our decision and overwhelmed by God’s graciousness to let us have it. Overwhelmed by His faithfulness to bring good from a “loss of faith” season. Overwhelmed John and I made it this far and intact, much less together in a place we’ve longed to live.



But mostly, I’m …

Overwhelmed by gratitude. I’m very grateful. Tears streaming down my face grateful. On my knees grateful. “Why us?”grateful.

Grateful for restored faith.


How much faith does it take to hang onto a dream? To make it happen? A mustard seed or less – I do believe I had less.

What dream are you waiting for? I hope you won’t give up. Ask often and expect a lot.

In This Together,

Photo #1 is of our view of the creek from the lot.
Photo #2 is our lot.


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    • Andrew, I got so emotional reading your comment. Yes, “… it’s better to die betting on a miracle.”

      I've hated living with hopelessness, so whether this turns out like I want or not, I'm trying daily to choose the dream. Easier said than done for those of us in the fight for our lives physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

      It helps to have friends walk alongside me. Thank you. ❤

  1. The views are breathtaking!! I love the peacefulness and beauty I see in your pictures. Can’t wait to see your lot in person😘

    On Sat, Jun 17, 2017 at 11:59 PM, S. Kim Henson ~ Getting Your Own Life Whi

    • Thanks so much, Meg! ❤ We're getting more excited than scared, so I may actually be able to choose a house plan soon.

      There are very few downfalls to the move, but one is I'll be a lot farther from WWW. Keep writing and we'll keep in touch from afar. I love all that's happening with you and your work.

  2. Love how the less than a mustard seed of faith increased for you. What an inspirational miracle. Will share this one, Kim

    • It is a miracle, Joel! ❤ They're happening all around us. I'm telling the story the best I can over a few blog posts. We've been looking for a house in Pawleys for more than a year, so it's been quite a journey to land us with a lot that wasn't for sale and with a view John kept talking about, but that we thought we couldn't afford. I teared up just commenting back to you.

      Thanks for joining me here often. I couldn’t do this blog without friends like you.

  3. I am so incredibly happy for you, Kim. Your current home remains in my prayer journal until it’s sold! Thank you for your transparency — in reality, none of us are “worthy” which makes our relationship with Christ so precious. I look forward to seeing how God will receive MUCH glory through your new place in Pawleys. I haven’t been there in years but it’s beautiful!

    • I appreciate your prayers so much, Cathy! ❤ John and I don't think we've been ready for the house to sell, which is why we're still here. We believe the lot was God's way of helping us keep our dream alive until we're ready for it. 🙂 We're working diligently on our marriage and ourselves so that we don't drag unnecessary emotional junk with us. Please pray for that part of our selling, preparation, move too. Thanks.

      Your move to a new place offered me a lot of hope. I appreciate your prayers and having you stay in touch! I keep seeing your eBook pop up and it makes me smile. If you send me a link, I'd love to share it on my page.

  4. Kim ,
    You just brightened my day. I’m so excited to read this. I am beyond happy for you and John.
    Enjoy your little slice of Heaven! Pawleys is like heaven on earth. ❤️
    I love you . XO

    • Connie, thank you for celebrating with us! ❤ I was thrilled to see your name pop up in my email (my blog comments go there first). It is heavenly in Pawleys and heavenly that we'll be closer to grandchildren. I'd love for you to visit even before the house is built. We could have dessert on the dock.

      I hope you're doing great. I love you lots!

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